2017 Concert Series Funding Drive

Les Sympathiques has launched a Donorbox campaign! With a little help from a lot of people we can raise the funds we need to continue creating opportunities and improve the quality of services we provide to artists and audiences. Your fiscal support will help us bring more stable and sustainable focus to our core mission. We present hundreds of shows a year (over 450 in 2016!). We also host regular poetry readings, workshops, interviews and reviews. Follow the provided link to view our funding goals and proposed budget for the 2017 season.

Please help us to spread the word by forwarding this message on to your colleagues, including it in your newsletters, and sharing it on your social media feeds.

Thanks for your time and we hope you find this project worthy of your support.

– Jane, Isis, Mark, Martin, Colin, Evan, Marie-Cloé & the rest of the Sympathiques team