AAMP Mentor – Mili Hong

Workshop:  “ Collaboration Tools for the Percussionist in Improvised Music”

Mili Hong | Multi-Faceted Drummer

There are a lot of parallels between Improvised music and improvised conversation. Effective techniques for leading conversations include the utilization of space between sentences, body language, listening to others, breathing, and speaking at moderate speeds and volumes. On the other hand, methods such as interrupting, mimicking, or yelling at each other are not encouraged unless the speaker wants to raise considerable tension within the conversation. When improvising with others, people who may have never met before have the opportunity to expose their emotions through music and sound and make themselves vulnerable. This is the beautiful thing about improvised music! In this workshop, everyone will learn to use the methods mentioned above to express their feelings/thoughts through percussion playing.

Mili & Ruiqi – https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/collaboration-tools-for-the-percussionist-in-improvised-music-tickets-388865726857

Mili Hong is a Montreal-based Korean drummer who has been playing various styles of music for over a decade including jazz, pop, improvised music, rock, and folk. Her ability to adapt sensitively to music, with a wide range of dynamics, allows her to express a wide range of emotions and to be connected more deeply with the bands she collaborates with.

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