Composition Workshops (2014)

In October-November 2014 we hosted four workshops on interesting topics in composition, open to the public, each workshop guided by an insightful and boundary-pushing Canadian artist.  The presenters and topics were:

Thom Gill: Harmony, Lyrics, and Electronics
Malcolm Sailor: Writing for Diverse Traditions
Adam Basanta: Melding Music, Visual Art, and Architecture
Erik Hove: Realizing Spectralism and Hip-Hop through Jazz

Below are some video excerpts and texts from the workshops.  We hope they will be of some benefit.

Filming and editing of the video material is courtesy of Ted Strauss.

Video Excerpt from “Harmony, Lyrics, and Electronics”

Presentation Notes from “Melding Music, Visual Art, and Architecture”

More links from our composition workshop series coming soon!