Explorations in New Music Aug. 3 2019 @ 9pm – No Cosmos & Kalmunity


NO COSMOS is the alias of Montreal-based composer, trumpeter, and producer Scott Bevins. His instrumental compositions draw on a wide range of influences and emphasize lyrical melodies and grooves inspired by electronic music. A band of improvisors bring these compositions to life, and performances are strongly infused with a sense of freedom and exploration. 

Scott Bevins- trumpet  //  Evan Shay- tenor saxophone  //  Anh Phung- flute  //  Sarah Rossy- voice  //  Thanya Iyer- violin  //  Eric Haynes- piano and keyboards  //  Stephane Krims- upright and electric bass  //  Kyle Hutchins- drums and percussion

Check out NO COSMOS’ bandcamp page to hear their new eponymous release.

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