Explorations in New Music Sept. 28 2019 @ 9pm – Shapes & Thus Owls


Changing from repetitive, trance-like grooves to shimmering, amorphous textures, Shapes embraces the vast creative potential of constant flux. Comprised of recent Vancouver transplants of Eli Davidovici and Mili Hong, Shapes moves listeners through ever-shifting environments and sweeping moods.

Eli Davidovici – bass
Mili Hong – drums
Mike Bjella – sax
Roman Munoz – guitar
Dan Reynolds – piano

Check out their live recording, “Drop”, from 2018.


Montreal’s dark pearl Thus Owls, aka Swedish- Canadian couple Erika and Simon Angell, have since their debut in 2009 become an original and independent voice on the alternative music scene. Simon’s harshly charismatic guitar sound blends with the urgency of Erika’s vocals to create a sound that bends and stretches their unusual compositions into ever newer and surprising shapes. It is in the constantly shifting scenery that Thus Owls find their sound. Their soulful adventurousness and musical fluency borrows from every corner of popular music, while pushing boundaries beyond any hackneyed genre classification. Pop and rock song forms are refracted through lenses of free noise, punk-rock skronk and jazz precision.

Erika Angell – Vox & synth
Simon Angell – Guitar & synth bass
Sam Joly – Drums
Tommy Crane – Drums

Check their bandcamp page to hear their most recent releases.