Explorations in New Music Sept. 7 2019 @ 9pm – NOMAD & Malika Tirolien


Nomad is an ensemble of six imaginative and talented musicians hailing from all over North America. The group’s music telepathically weaves in-and-out of crisp structure, improvisational jungles and lyrical melody in a sublime mixture of jazz, rock and free improvisation.

Their improvisatory performance concept, a process of spontaneous creation and reinterpretation of repertoire, encourages exploration and is as risky as it is exciting.

Simon Millerd – trumpet  //  Mike Bjella – alto sax  //  Ted Crosby – tenor sax  //  Jake Wiens – guitar  //  Ben Dwyer – bass  //  Kai Basanta – drums

Check out their original music here.


Canadian originally from Guadeloupe, Malika Tirolien has over the years found inspiration in r&b, soul, jazz, and music from her native Guadeloupe to create her own special imprint.  Recognized for her strong presence in the Montreal musical universe through numerous groups and collaborations (Lara Fabian, Coral Egan, Groundfood, and the Kalmunity Vibe, among others), her electrifying performance of the original song “I’m not the one” featured on the album “Family Dinner, Vol. 1” by the illustrious American band Snarky Puppy propels her to the front of the stage.

Listen to her solo album here.