Les Sympathiques

is a nonprofit (RLRQ, C. C-38) collective of Montréal musicians and other artists who believe that the best way to develop our practice is through performance and sharing with the wider community. To that end, we routinely curate artistic events at Café Résonance, which has been our home base for the past nine years. The music we present draws primarily from the jazz, classical, and experimental scenes, in a broad sense. On this site, we share some of the more memorable moments from our presentations. We invite you to take a look!  If you like what you see, come check out a concert, book a show, or join our team. And if you’re interested in helping out with the project – drop us a line at sympathiques.mtl@gmail.com and we’d be happy to let you know about outstanding needs.

This year, we are pleased to introduce Séances d’Écoute, an intimate series of small ensemble concerts.

Access Artists Mentorship Program (AAMP)

The Access Artists Mentorship Program is a creative workshop program for musicians elevating womxn, non-binary, and persons of historically underrepresented and marginalized communities. 

AAMP will offer mentorship for 5 weeks through weekly mentor meetings, public workshops, and a cumulative performance or researched based collaboration with your mentor.

This program is free and participants will be given an honorarium for their performance or research based collaboration. 

AAMP will include five mentors and five mentees. 

The goal of AAMP is to find balance, diversity, and a stronger sense of community through the facilitation of accessible, high-quality resources.

AAMP Mentor – Sarah Rossy

Workshop:  Interdisciplinary Production: Borderless Expression | Intersections of Equity, Self-Preservation & Artistic Practice”

Sarah Rossy | Vocalist, Composer, Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Professor

In this interactive workshop we will explore the relationship between self-care, uncovering and preserving creative visions, and equity intersections. Participants should bring a journal and anything that makes them feel comfortable.

Sarah & Camile : https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/interdisciplinary-production-borderless-expression-tickets-388861955577

Sarah Rossy is a mythical sonic creature of sorts, with a voice that is colourfully chameleonic yet vulnerably human.

Bouncing between Tio’tia:ke (Montréal), New York City, and Berlin, Sarah combines influences of jazz, experimental music, and interdisciplinary movement practices into her work for a truly unique result. As a composer, she has a keen interest in experiential processes which traverse through a feminist lens and nurture the ecosystems of artistic community. Recent excursions include: studying with Meredith Monk, voice/movement research at The World is Sound (Berlin), exploring her ethnic heritage at the Arabic Music Retreat, and attending multiple residencies at Banff Centre for the Arts. Sarah is a recent (and first Canadian) finalist of the Ella Fitzgerald International Voice Competition, her work has been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec, Conseil des arts de Montréal, and Socan Foundation. Sarah holds both a B.Mus and M.Mus from McGill University, and is currently on faculty at the McGill Conservatory of Music and Dawson College.

Recent/upcoming works
of who we have become (2022, multimedia alnum and augmented reality exhibit combining jazz with digital media);

Woven (2021, interdisciplinary film exploring ancestry, domestic violence, and intergenerational trauma);

Recollections (2019, interdisciplinary production exploring intersectional gender identity);

The Conclusion (2019, EP).





AAMP Mentor – Shelby Cohen

Workshop: “Nurturing Spaces for Learning and Connection”

Shelby CohenSaxophonist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Artist, Community Organizer

In this workshop, we will explore together how to create more inclusive spaces for music and art-making. Sharing from each of our own unique experiences, we will discuss what resources or tools we have discovered that have helped us in our artistic journeys and what barriers we want to break down. With a healing-informed mindset, we will look at some of the emotional and physical needs of individuals that can be taken into consideration when setting up spaces and events for musical exploration.

Shelby & Salomé – https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/nurturing-spaces-for-learning-and-connection-tickets-388869688707

Shelby Cohen is Tio’tia:ke/Montreal-based saxophonist, artist, multi-instrumentalist and community organizer. She has been an active member in the local music scene for over 10 years, both as a performer and as a project coordinator. As Head of Operations at a local arts non-profit, Shelby has a keen eye and nerdy interest for logistical details and planning. In her spare time, Shelby enjoys tie-dyeing and jamming with her DIY riot grrl band.



AAMP Mentor – Mili Hong

Workshop:  “ Collaboration Tools for the Percussionist in Improvised Music”

Mili Hong | Multi-Faceted Drummer

There are a lot of parallels between Improvised music and improvised conversation. Effective techniques for leading conversations include the utilization of space between sentences, body language, listening to others, breathing, and speaking at moderate speeds and volumes. On the other hand, methods such as interrupting, mimicking, or yelling at each other are not encouraged unless the speaker wants to raise considerable tension within the conversation. When improvising with others, people who may have never met before have the opportunity to expose their emotions through music and sound and make themselves vulnerable. This is the beautiful thing about improvised music! In this workshop, everyone will learn to use the methods mentioned above to express their feelings/thoughts through percussion playing.

Mili & Ruiqi – https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/collaboration-tools-for-the-percussionist-in-improvised-music-tickets-388865726857

Mili Hong is a Montreal-based Korean drummer who has been playing various styles of music for over a decade including jazz, pop, improvised music, rock, and folk. Her ability to adapt sensitively to music, with a wide range of dynamics, allows her to express a wide range of emotions and to be connected more deeply with the bands she collaborates with.

@ the_drummy_bear

AAMP Mentor – chiquitamagic

Workshop:  “Home Studio Production & Compositional Techniques”

chiquitamagic | Latinx artist, Producer, Composer

Composing and producing your own music can be daunting when you’re just getting started. Depending on what gear, software, or general instrumentation you want to incorporate into your sound, it can be a puzzle to know how to make things blend or come together. In this workshop, we’ll be exploring different ways of recording, mixing, and producing sounds using logic, and different types of drum hardware. We will also discuss basic mixing techniques and highlight some compositional language that might help you get closer to finding your sound.

chiquita & Jeanne : https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/home-studio-production-compositional-techniques-tickets-388864382837

Isis Giraldo AKA Chiquita Magic is a latinx artist / producer hailing from Colombia and based in Canada. She is a producer / composer that uses microtonal synthesizers, her voice, and a drum machine, sometimes two.  Her songs can be described as futuristic electro pop with elements of funk, jazz, & choral music. She has released five albums independently & two with the support of RINGS Tokyo & DIW Japan. Her most recent album Mexico Sexi Time was entirely produced mixed & mastered by chiquitamagic out on Minaret Records (L.A) and ORIS (Mexico City).  Her collaborators include Genevieve Artadi, KNOWER, Louis Cole, Ambrose Akinmusire, & David Binney to name a few.


Twitter: chiquitamagic1

FB: chiquitamagic



AAMP Mentor – Thanya Iyer

Workshop:  “Healing-Centered / Trauma Informed Therapeutic Songwriting”

Thanya IyerSongwriter, Music Therapist 

How can we align our creation process in songwriting and improvisation with healing-centered approaches that nurture individual and communal agency, support self-expression and provide ongoing opportunities for people we work with to exercise choice and mutual collaboration? In this workshop, we’re going to write a song! We’ll talk about different songwriting and improvisational methods of creation, including lyric writing, melody formation and chordal harmony techniques. Together, we’ll also brainstorm how we can align these specific creative practices closely to healing-centered ways of being.

Thanya & Méshama – https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/healing-centered-trauma-informed-therapeutic-songwriting-tickets-388871062817

Thanya Iyer is an enigmatic songwriter who crafts sparkling experimental pop music. Her live trio wields acoustic and electronic instruments as well as improvised projections to flesh out these serene, spiritual compositions. Thanya’s music, coupled with the visuals, empowers listeners to embrace mindfulness, aesthetic beauty and the interconnectedness of all things. She recently released her Polaris long-listed, sophomore visual album, KIND, in the summer of 2020. When she is not creating her own music or playing with friends, she loves to share her creative practice with youth and emerging artists as an educator, mentor and growing music therapist.

Artist website: www.thanyaiyer.com

Artist bandcamp: www.thanyaiyer.bandcamp.com

Artist Facebook: www.facebook.com/thanyaiyermusic

Artist Twitter: www.twitter.com/thanyaiyermusic

Artist YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33-F5RJ2LVc

Artist Instagram: www.instagram.com/thanyaiyer

Artist Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thanyaiyermusic

Séances d’écoute – les samedis soir à 21h30 | saturday nights 9:30pm

Séances d’écoute is an intimate, in-person series running every Saturday night from September 18th to December 18th 2021. It’s organized by Les Sympathiques and Café Résonance with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.  We hope that you will join us in this celebration as we get back to presenting a range of stylistically diverse and creative music!

SEPT 18 – Séance d’écoute @ 9:30pm – Gentiane MG


Gentiane MG – piano, composition
Levi Dover – bass

Louis-Vincent Hamel – drums

Award winning pianist and composer Gentiane MG founded the Gentiane MG Trio in 2014, alongside bassist Levi Dover and drummer Louis-Vincent Hamel. With this group, she has toured extensively in Quebec, Canada and Mexico. The trio has released two albums of original music, Eternal Cycle (Arté Boréal, 2017) and Wonderland (Effendi, 2020). The three bandmates explore musical freedom and communication using MG’s pieces as a foundation to build upon, conceiving of instrumental music as a vehicle for profound expression. MG’s compositions are rooted in the jazz tradition of songwriting and improvisation while influenced by impressionistic and romantic classical music. MG has received several awards for her work with her trio, including the François Marcaurelle de la GMMQ Award in 2017, the Radio-Canada Jazz Award in 2018 and the OPUS Award: Discovery of the Year in 2020.


SEPT 25 – Séance d’écoute @ 9:30pm – Gabi Tome


Gabi Tome – guitar, voice, composition

Gabi Tome is a guitarist, composer and arranger. Her trio is a mix of prog-rock, indie, and jazz. Her lyrics, both in Spanish and English tell stories of mysticism and the human condition.  Musically she embodies poly-rhythmic, modal, and progressive strange sounds. 


OCT 2 – Séance d’écoute @ 9:30pm – skin tone


James Goddard – saxophone, voice, mbira, electronics
Eliza Kavtion – guitar

skin tone is the (mostly) solo performance project of Ndebele-Canadian artist James Nicholas Dumile Goddard. skin tone incorporates saxophone, voice, mbira and electronics; it explores issues related to blackness, the canon, and the future. Goddard also performs in a variety of experimental ensembles including notably Egyptian Cotton Arkestra & NYON.

For this performance skin tone will perform a solo piece and a piece accompanied by guitarist Eliza Kavtion.


OCT 9 – Séance d’écoute @ 9:30pm – TRYAL


Alex Samaras
Owen Stewart-Robertson

Tryal is a Toronto based band that plays songs by Alex Samaras. Their first release, Companion, is full of charismatic compositions that treat electronic pop sophistication as a springboard for all manner of exploration. Lithe dream-like arrangements give way to peculiar lushness; beats dissolve into weightless melodies. Their second record, DogGone, found Alex on a solo journey writing songs about miscommunication, friendship and the struggle to connect. Tryal is made up of a group of friends who also happen to be Toronto’s finest players. 

Tryal is: Alex Samaras (Beverley Glenn Copeland/Queer Songbook Orchestra), Christine Bougie (Bahamas/Otterville) Johnny Spence (The Weather Station), Evan Cartwright (Tasseomancy/U.S Girls), Josh Cole (Martha and Rufus Wainwright/Thom Gill).
For this performance, Alex will be playing with Owen Stewart-Robertson.


OCT 16 – Séance d’écoute @ 9:30pm – Mili Hong


Mili Hong – drums
Mike Bjella – tenor saxophone
Eli Davidovici – upright bass

Mili Hong began playing drums at the age of 16. She spent most of her life in South Korea until her early 20s when she moved to Vancouver, Canada to study English and Music. Although she originally planned to move back to Korea after completing her studies, she decided to remain in Vancouver to experiment and explore her new life in Canada’s thriving and diverse music scene. At Capilano University she received a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies, majoring in Instrumental Performance and played in various ensembles from small combos to big bands which exposed her to numerous chances to explore different styles of drumming, while also studying with drum instructors Graham Boyle, Blaine Wikjord, Dave Robbins, and Dylan van der Schyff. While playing in Capilano University’s “A” band, under the direction of Juno award-winning Brad Turner, she had the chance to play with notable guest artists such as Ian Froman, Mike Murley, and Randy Brecker. Mili is becoming an important member of Canada’s Jazz scene through her playing in a variety of different projects including Eli Davidovici and The Watermill Project and has also been involved in several alternative rock projects, including Moondle and Corey Gulkin. Her lifetime goal is to continue learning about her art and herself through her continuous study of music and language.



OCT 23 – Séance d’écoute @ 9:30pm – GOLPESAR – Rouzbeh Shadpey


Rouzbeh Shadpey

GOLPESAR is the sonic project of Montreal based artist and musician Rouzbeh Shadpey. Avant-garde electronics, (softly) spoken word(s), and echoes of Iranian sonics overspill. An affection term in Farsi, GOLPESAR /گلپسر  imperfectly translates to “flower boy”.


OCT 30 – Séance d’écoute @ 9:30pm – Kate Clark & Isaiah Ceccarelli


Katelyn Clark
Isaiah Ceccarelli

Katelyn Clark is a musician who works with early keyboard instruments (harpsichord, pianoforte, organ). She creates long-duration work for organ with electronics, often using repetitive sequences in modified historical tuning systems. Originally from Victoria, British Columbia, Katelyn studied with Bob van Asperen (Conservatorium van Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Christophe Rousset (Accademia Musicale Chigiana, Siena, Italy) and she holds a doctorate in early music performance from McGill University (Montréal, Québec). She performs internationally as a soloist and collaborative musician and has held artist residencies at the Banff Centre (Alberta), NES (Skagaströnd, Iceland), and SPAR (St. Petersburg, Russia). Katelyn plays organ/clavisimbalum in early music ensemble Duo Corvi and organ in Isaiah Ceccarelli’s quartet House of Gold.

Isaiah Ceccarelli is a drummer, composer, and improviser. He composes for musicians and ensembles such as Architek Percussion, Sarah Albu, Mira Benjamin, the Bozzini Quartet, Katelyn Clark, the GGRIL, the London Contemporary Orchestra Soloists, the Suoni per il Popolo festival (Stretch Wood), Ensemble SuperMusique, TAK, and Voces Boreales. He has recorded albums for Ambiances Magnétiques (Montréal), Drip Audio (Vancouver), and Another Timbre (United Kingdom). As a drummer, he has performed and recorded in countless jazz and improvised music settings since the late 1990s. He is the composer, drummer, and lyricist for House of Gold, his quartet with Katelyn Clark, Eugénie Jobin, and Frédérique Roy.


NOV 6 – Séance d’écoute @ 9:30pm – Tamayugé


Maya Kuroki – voice, guitar
Tamara Filyavich – electronics

Tamayugé is a mix of experimental music, kitsch sonorities and a few melancholic accents. The group is comprised of Montreal based Japanese Maya Kuroki and Ukranian Tamara Filyavich. Maya’s ghostly voice and guitar fuses with the electro machine like sounds of Tamara as we are invited into a ritual between tormented performance and feminist ceremony. In the shadow of Baba Yaga, an ambivalent character of the slave mythology that Ukranian and Japonese culture have in common, the music of Tamayugé produces excitement over the enigmatic and imaginary work.


NOV 13 – Séance d’écoute @ 9:30pm – Shaina Hayes


Shaina Hayes – voice, guitar

Shaina Hayes is a country/folk singer and songwriter based in Montreal.  Raised in a small farming and fishing village on Quebec’s east coast, Hayes’ intrinsic ties to her homeland and distinctive heritage have forged an earnest and glimmering framework onto which her music takes shape.


NOV 20 – Séance d’écoute @ 9:30pm – Malia Laura


Malia Laura
Jean-Michel Frédéric

Montreal singer Malia Laura is a self-taught artist who specializes in R&B. From an early age, she was immersed in a rich musical universe and began to express herself through her art. Her artistic aspirations are to bring to life the different melodies that inhabit her and to create sounds inspired by a diversity of genres.



DEC 4 – Séance d’écoute @ 9:30pm – AMALIA



“Electromagnetic fields of joy
Dividing and converging all
Utopian visions taking us far, far, far” 

~ AMALIA, All The Funk I Need 

Where tropical monsoons meet the cobbled streets of the Northern hemisphere… from Manila to Londontown… Canadian-based artist/activist AMALIA was conjured where opposites collide… First introduced to the funk world by Dam-Funk in 2011. ‘The First Lady of Modern Funk” (KPFK Radio Los Angeles)… AMALIA’s debut full-length “Art Slave” and involvement with Swedish producer Opolopo on “Voltage Controlled Feelings” had her circulating the globe from LA’s Funkmosphere to Kyoto Jazz Massive’s The Room. Writing about everything from love to diasporic dreamworlds, prior to her underground funk success AMALIA had been nominated for Best Contemporary Jazz Artist at the Juno’s for her electronic jazz outfit, Sekoya. Garnering fans such as Rock Legend Randy Bachman to Hip Hop Giant Rahzel,  the band dismantled after their second record which redirected AMALIA’s efforts towards her own solo projects. Fast forward 2021,  reflecting on 2 polar opposite experiences during a global pandemic, she delivers another underground punch on “Don’t Be Ashamed Of Love” with funk producer, label curator Gil Masuda of Toronto-based Love Touch Records.

AMALIA is also best known for her collaborations with UK’s Atjazz, Central Congo’s Boddhi Satva,  Paris’ Onra, Kansas CIty’s Reggie B, Rome’s AD Bourke, Pittsburgh’s Buscrates, & Bay Area’s B.Bravo & Teeko.


DEC 11 – Séance d’écoute @ 9:30pm – K-10


Olivier Paquet
Jacob Lirette

K-10 is an electronic music and digital arts duo based in Montreal. Their first album, Speed, came out in February 2021. The abrasive and energetic Techno Odyssey solicits a psychotonic dance. Inspired by EBM, New Wave and SynthPunk sounds, Speed is an homage to the grandiose textures of analog synthesizers. It approaches the themes of isolation, anxiety and violence. Its title refers to modern life rhythm and its consequences on the human condition.


DEC 18 – Séance d’écoute @ 9:30pm – Moose Terrific – Sam Shalabi & Tamara Filyavich


Sam Shalabi
Tanya Filyavich

Moose Terrific is an experimental electronics and synth duo composed of Montreal based musicians Sam Shalabi and Tamara Filyavich. The pair focuses on classic synth sounds but with a lot of polyrhythmic, symphonic, post punk, North African and Ukrainian influences. They have released a debut album called “The Drinks” on the Irish label FortEvilFruit and are currently working on a new one. 

Tamara Filyavich has been a sound art producer living in Montreal since 2002. In the last seven years, she began performing as an experimental electronic musician focusing on electroacoustic, sound art and noise music, both as a solo artist and in collaborative projects. Her practice features both composed and improvised music. Over the years she has come to draw inspiration from early synthesizer music, eastern European music, post punk and more.

Sam Shalabi is an Egyptian-Canadian composer and improviser living in Montreal. Beginning in punk rock in the late 70s, his work has evolved into a fusion of experimental, modern Arabic, folklore, post punk and more just to name a few influences.