Séances d’écoute – The team!

Isis Paola Giraldo and Frédérique Roy are the curators of the series Séances d’écoute 2021. They are both members of the Résonance / Les Sympathiques community and have been a part of Montreal’s creative / experimental music scene for many years. Isis is a musician, composer, and producer and Frédérique is a musician, composer, and writer. Sophie Grouev is also a member of Résonance / Les Sympathiques and created the visual support and website for the series. She is an illustrator, filmographer and projectionist, she lives in Montreal.

The videographers for Séances d’écoute are:

Jessica Valoise: September 18 – October 9

Evan Shay: October 16 – November 27

Francis Leduc: December 4 – December 18