DEC 18 – Séance d’écoute @ 9:30pm – Moose Terrific – Sam Shalabi & Tamara Filyavich


Sam Shalabi
Tanya Filyavich

Moose Terrific is an experimental electronics and synth duo composed of Montreal based musicians Sam Shalabi and Tamara Filyavich. The pair focuses on classic synth sounds but with a lot of polyrhythmic, symphonic, post punk, North African and Ukrainian influences. They have released a debut album called “The Drinks” on the Irish label FortEvilFruit and are currently working on a new one. 

Tamara Filyavich has been a sound art producer living in Montreal since 2002. In the last seven years, she began performing as an experimental electronic musician focusing on electroacoustic, sound art and noise music, both as a solo artist and in collaborative projects. Her practice features both composed and improvised music. Over the years she has come to draw inspiration from early synthesizer music, eastern European music, post punk and more.

Sam Shalabi is an Egyptian-Canadian composer and improviser living in Montreal. Beginning in punk rock in the late 70s, his work has evolved into a fusion of experimental, modern Arabic, folklore, post punk and more just to name a few influences.