Explorations in New Music June 8 2019 @ 9pm – Chiquita Magic Choir & Bernice


Isis Giraldo aka Chiquita Magic is a composer & producer based in Montreal & Toronto.  She makes futuristic lo-fi music and sometimes writes for large ensembles & choirs. She has released five albums : Isis Giraldo Poetry Project (DIW Japan), Chiquita Magic (choir), Aventuras, Diáspora w/ Anais Maviel ( Hernia de Discos, Brazil) , &  Its Different (Rings Japan), as well as a variety of ep’s & singles. She has played & toured extensively in North/South America  & Europe independently and with some of her favourite musicians (Louis Cole, Genevieve Artadi, Thom Gill, Brahja Waldman, Emma Frank & Anais Maviel).

Stay tuned for the next Chiquita Magic Choral album coming soon!

Check out Isis’ latest releases here.



Bernice is a band from Toronto Canada. They’ve been pleasantly confusing people with their space-filled, oddly shaped songs about things like flowers and aliens since 2011. You’ll hear electronic drums, two voices and lots of different synth. They’re currently working with Canadian label Arts & Crafts, spent most of 2017 opening for Martha Wainwright internationally, late 2018 touring across Canada & the US, and are currently working as a fake medieval band on stage with the Toronto Dance Theatre in Toronto for Persefone’s Lunch, running March 5-9, 2019. Bernice, made up of Robin Dann, Thom Gill, Felicity Williams, Phil Melanson and Dan Fortin, are currently touring their most recent LP, entitled Puff: In the air without a shape which the New York Times called “A monument to ephemerality”.

Watch “Passenger Plane” by Bernice here.

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